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My life had changed forever. I lived in a fog, with seemingly no way out. Doctors ran countless tests only to tell me that I was healthy. Despite being healthy life was far from normal. Before I heard the words Multiple Chemical Sensitivity I started to notice that I felt better in some places and worse in others. I asked, “What was going on?” It didn't seem to make sense that objects and places that don't affect others made me feel awful. I discovered that some clothing and personal care products could trigger reactions in me. There was hope, things could be avoided. I found a naturopath and a homeopath who had encountered people like me. I finally knew that I was not alone and there were treatments that would bolster my resistance. Today life is good, MCS has not gone away but I have learned how to control it and not always have it control me. 

Learn to Thrive with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  This blog is dedicated to providing inspiration to those whose lives are effected by MCS.


Portions of this blog read like a story. If this is your first visit here I suggest starting with the oldest post and working your through the blog by hitting the next link at the bottom of each entry.

I have always believed that there was a way for my life to get better and I believe there is a way for your life to dramatically improve as well. I hope what I have written here proves helpful. Perhaps directly or least it will give you the inspiration that assists you in finding your own answers. 

If what is written here helps then I am more than glad that I have taken the time and effort to write it all down. For there would be little point in finding answers for myself alone if others did not benifit as well. 

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