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Connect with others in our Thriving with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity community. Join us on Facebook.  Millions of people worldwide live with MCS and other invisible illnesses.  A large part of learning how to Thrive is having a support community around you.

There are many recourses for joining others on the path to recovery.  Someone once said, “The Universe does indeed speak to us, but that if one pays close attention; it tends to speak through other people.”  Although living with this disorder can seem isolating don’t cut yourself off form the inspiration that can be found in others.

Join with thousands of others around the world.  Send a friend request to our Facebook profile or subscribe to our profile’s updates.  Explore our Thriving with MCS Tips, ask questions to others with MCS and most of all know that you are not alone. 


Come join our Thriving with MCS community

Living with this and other ‘Invisible’ illnesses can, at times, feel isolating.  If you are unable to build a support network around you where you live, we can offer you an opportunity to learn from, bond with, and be inspired by others with MCS.

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Portraits of American’s Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Thilde Jensen and her "Canaries" collection.

This photo set, "Exposures" is one of the simplest and most powerful explorations on the subject of MCS I have yet seen. 

View Exposures




Books and Documentaries on this Subject

by Alison Johnson

See the works of Alison Johnsom here