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Thriving Through Greater Awareness is Possible

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Thank you for choosing to make a donation in support of 

Thriving with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  

All contributions are gratefully honored.  Each endowment is used to directly assist and grow the efforts of greater awareness of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  








Ten Dollars


The Contributing $10 Donation supports day to day operations and growth of the Thriving with Multiple Chemicals Sensitivity website. 

 Twenty Five Dollars


The Supporting $25 Donation allows the Thriving with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Community to grow more quickly.

One Hundred Dollars


The Sustaining $100 Donation creates an opportunity for sustainable operations that will allow for a focus on the MCS Community as a whole 

Donate What You Will


The Flexible Donation allows you to donate at the level you choose. All contributions are welcome and honored. 

We offer four opportunities to support

Thriving with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

The Contributing $10 Donation

The Supporting $25 Donation

The Sustaining $100 Donation

The Flexible Donation 

Choose the Donation that is appropriate to you 

All donations go directly to supporting the Thriving with MCS Blog, growing the Thriving with MCS website and assisting those directly affected by MCS.  

All with a focus on raising awarnes of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Again, thank you for your sppport.

~ Zen Master Sam

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All donations are made Safely and Securely through PayPal.  You can make a donation with your PayPal account or use any major credit card. 

If you do not have a PayPal account then after clicking on your desired contribution level choose where it says, “Don’t have a PayPal account” to use a credit card to offer your support.

When using the Flexible Donation option write in the amount of your donation into the “Item Price” box then hit update.  This will begin the process of contributing at the rate that is correct for you.