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Knowledge is Power in Thriving with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. 


Learning more can be invaluable in our personal journey toward recovery. 


The more we know about a subject the more options we have for our lives in that area; MCS is no exception.  Knowing more about, Health, Healing and Developing a Spiritual Practice are only a few of the topics that have proven of tremendous value over the years.  Living with

an ‘invisible’ illness such as this is undoubtedly a challenging affair, knowing more about this disorder and related subjects can help in developing a path to recovery. 


Featured Book Suggestion  


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There are precious few books dedicated exclusively to understanding and living with this diagnosis.  If you or someone you love has MCS, Pamela Reed Gibson’s book can be a brilliant resource. If you are new to the diagnosis or if MCS has been a reality in your life for years this survival guide can assist on your path toward Thriving.  

"Multiple chemical sensitivity is a controversial medical diagnosis characterizing individuals who experience intense and adverse responses as a result of exposure to chemicals, frequently at doses far below those known to cause harm. This book reviews what is known about MCS, describing the symptoms, detailing possible explanations for it and giving step-by-step methods for coping with the illness."


“Professor Gibson has written a book of solid scholarship and compassionate understanding about an illness that desperately needs both. This is a highly readable work offering inspiration and a wealth of knowledgeable advice to those afflicted with this difficult and frequently misunderstood modern health problem. It is a remarkable thing: A book about MCS by a psychologist who knows that the illness is not psychological.”

— Lynn Lawson, M.A., Staying Well in a Toxic World

Reading Recommendations





Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a real health challenge.   If you are looking for ways to directly support your health then I hope you find the following suggestions as useful as we have on our path to Thriving with MCS.

Discovering inspiration will fuel your recovery.  All too often we can lose focus and get lost while reclaiming our lives from MCS.  Finding inspiration can assist on our journey toward Thriving and regaining our lives. 

Finding and strengthening a spiritual connection can prove invaluable with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  Drawing strength from a power greater then ourselves can sustain us during hard times and can drive our growth in good.

Untying our physiological knots can free up energy used toward Thriving with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  MCS is a real physical challenge.  Focusing on healing our Mind, Body and Spirit can create rapid change.

All book suggestions are submissions that have assisted us on our journey to recovery or have been recommended by others who have found a high degree of recovery.  If you have discovered a particular book to be useful on your personal path to Thriving with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity please fill out the Book recommendation from below.